Information for candidates

Are you looking for a stable, secure job? You can trust our experience in recruitment! Learn more about us and find out why you should work with us.

About us

We are a employment agency operating on the Polish market for more than 18 years now. Every year 30 000 people find employment thanks to us. We offer temporary, permanent and casual work. Working with us is recommended by 98% of employees, and Forbes magazine ranked us among the 300 Best Polish Employers in 2021.

We verify your needs, competencies and goals, and then propose a job that will meet your expectations. We care about your comfort and satisfaction at every stage of recruitment and employment. We work only with reliable employers and offer verified job offers.

We are a member of the Polish HR Forum , which brings together the most reputable employment agencies. We follow the Code of Ethics, so you can be sure that Job Impulse is a responsible and trustworthy employer. Under the TAKpełnosprawni disabled employment program, we support the professional development of people with disabilities and promote their employment in the local labor market.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process may vary depending on the position you apply for. However, regardless of the type of offer, we always focus on quick contact and feedback so that you can start work as soon as possible.

1. Sending a resume

2. An interview

3. Employment decision

Come with a resume, leave with a job!

It happens quite often that a positive hiring decision is made at the very first meeting, so we encourage you to visit one of our local branches.

Why should you trust us?

  • Quick recruitment process
  • Dedicated mentor at every stage of recruitment and employment
  • Diversification of job offers
  • Support in dealing with all the paperwork
  • Work with proven, reliable employers
  • Many years of experience
  • Payment always on time
  • 99% of temporary workers would recommend us to their relatives and friends

What is temporary work?

When you take up temporary work, you sign a contract with a Temporary Employment Agency, which is your legal employer. However, you are working for the agency's client, i.e. the user employer to whom you have been referred. The rules for working under temporary employment contracts and civil law contracts are governed by the Act on the Employment of Temporary Workers.

Why take a temporary job?