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About us

About us

It is the people who create the organization's culture and ambiance in the workplace. Together we can do more, which is why we nurture good relationships, follow common values, play to one goal and celebrate even the smallest successes together. For over 18 years, we have been constantly growing, implementing more projects, creating specialized teams and achieving strategic goals. Currently, our organization has more than 150 persons.

We believe that our work improves the life quality of other persons, as we provide them with safe and stable employment on fair terms with reliable employers. In turn, employers are offered candidates who will bring value to the company and contribute to business development. Read more about us: Who we are

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People are our supreme value. We have always believed that diversity powers a team, so background, gender, age, fitness level or any other divisions do not matter to us. We value commitment and growth mindset in our teams, and enable people to develop their natural talents and expand their competencies.

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Job's people

"The strength of Job Impulse comes from the values we pride ourselves on, including people as the most important one! People with passion. People who have spent many years developing Job Impulse and growing with it. People who have found the space to develop their competencies here. It is amazing how many people who have been working at Job for a dozen years, now mostly in managerial positions, started out as apprentices, with no industry knowledge or experience!"
Recruitment Manager
Seniority at Job Impulse: 14 years
"I appreciate the openness that is noticed at every step (from experts to the management board). Openness and readiness to talk, to develop the potential that lies dormant within each of us, and openness to diversity and new challenges. In this way no one gets bored and everyone can fulfill and develop in diverse domains. I am a prime example of such development, from recruitment to e-commerce project management."
Project Manager at
Seniority at Job Impulse: 15 years
"The moments that I will always remember fondly are, paradoxically, the moments of extreme burden, when I receive enormous support and motivation from my colleagues. Without such support I would not be able to perform the tasks assigned. Trust and respect are built through my colleagues’ commitment. They motivate self-development and business development. Simply, Job Impulse is PEOPLE!"
Senior IT Manager
Seniority at Job Impulse: 10 years
"I still remember my first days at Job Impulse fondly. I was positively surprised by the friendly recruitment process and the induction stage, and the openness of the team to diversity , as I was the first person of Ukrainian nationality at the company's headquarters. At work, I very much appreciate the development opportunities provided by Job Impulse. Diverse projects, opportunities to work together in interdisciplinary teams allow to gain new experience, effectively plan and successfully implement planned activities."
Foreign Recruitment Development Coordinator
Seniority at Job Impulse: 8 years
"I started working with Job Impulse almost 7 years ago as an employee in the accounting department. While supporting the department in simple office and administrative work, I explored the secrets of accounting. Due to the dynamic situation in the department, my responsibilities and position evolved quickly and I have been managing the work of a great accounting department for more than two years. It seems to me that as an organization we have an incredible sense of finding very valuable and interesting people. The explosive mix of different personalities gives us the strength to move mountains!"
Accounting Team Manager
Seniority at Job Impulse: 9 years